[EP] Magnito – “Bars And Lamba”

Nigerian rapper, Magnito, with a large following for his ‘Relationship Be Like’ series on YouTube released his much-anticipated EP, Bars & Lamba.

Earlier in October but due to the rapper lending his voice and time to the #EndSARS protests that occurred nationwide, the focus on the EP shifted and as a result, this little gem missed having its core moment within the Nigerian soundscape.

Magnito, who is known for his playful vibe and funny lyrics takes a more steady approach to this EP.

He switches effortlessly between Hausa, English Creole (Pidgin), and Queen’s English infusing both street and posh slangs in order to keep the tone of the EP quite conversational and to cut across the different demographics of his audience, the EP is on Naijastreetvibes for streaming

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